Argus Overview

Argus Service OverviewArgus Services Corporation has been providing specialized Medical Cost Containment Services for liability and workers' compensation claims to major insurance carriers, third party administrators, and public entities since 1986. Our experienced staff of professional cost containment consultants has established a national reputation within the medical community for objectivity and accuracy.

The Argus approach to medical cost containment is objective, pro-active, and comprehensive. We believe that an aggressive approach to medical treatment review and early case resolution are in the best interests of both employee and employer. Argus is concurrently committed to cost containment, providing a comprehensive medical expenditure, and medical records review program. We provide advanced technological and support services custom designed to help our client monitor and reduce medical expenditures, indemnity expenditures, and time expenditures.

Our staff of professionals is dedicated to the highest standards of customer service and client relations. We pride ourselves in attention to detail and precise management of claims. We have consistently delivered effective, cutting edge managed care service for the skyrocketing costs associated with Worker’s Compensation, Dependent Eligibility Audits, Disability, and Casualty Claims for two decades.