Quality Assurance


Quality AssuranceThe audit philosophy of Argus is to recommend equitable reimbursement to providers for reasonable and necessary medical services rendered in relation to workers' compensation claimants. Proper application of state rules and guidelines governing reimbursement for medical services requires astute attention to details of all state criteria as well as to the details of the medical providers' documentation, billing strategies, and established performance in rendering care to injured workers. Only by such scrutiny can the full value of these rules and guidelines be realized. Argus takes a pro-active posture in asserting its staff's progressive knowledge of the rapidly changing environment of workers' compensation across the U.S. Staff members and supervisors as well as managers have been active and vocal in communicating with state agencies regarding the interpretation of policies, the drafting of new medical fee guidelines, and various studies examining health care costs. The management and supervisory staff at Argus maintain an on-going program of continuing staff education with regard to workers’ compensation rules and procedures as well as clinical issues.


Argus maintains the provision of high quality service delivery. Our in-house quality assurance program keeps Argus at its best, and an open line of communication makes substantial cost savings possible. All Argus programs can be custom-designed to assure a high level of personal attention to client needs and to incorporate a partnership approach to today's critical risk management challenges.