Information Management


Document Imaging Services


Argus offers complete document management services that further reduce both Claims and Administrative cost utilizing state of the art document imaging and storage hardware and software.


  • Save 98% Filing Space
  • Improve file Integrity ( No lost documents)
  • Less File Maintenance
  • Records Security with Planned Disaster Recovery
  • Improve Communication between Customers and Employees


Integrated Electronic Data System


Argus recognizes that each client has very specific electronic requirements, including custom file formats. Argus works individually with each client to determine the types of input and output files that will best suit their needs. Argus has developed its own managed care software by integrating our own code with purchased components. All application programs use SQL databases and this allows efficient and reliable transfer of data between applications. Because we control the code, we are able to react quickly to changes in state laws and rules. We are able to modify the software to exchange data with our clients and to meet their specific requirements.


Argus has integrated their workers’ compensation software to seamlessly support the following functions:


  1. PreauthorizationInformation Management
  2. Peer Review
  3. Medical Bill Review
  4. Independent Medical Examinations
  5. Impairment Rating Reviews
  6. Management Reporting
  7. Billing
  8. State Data Reporting
  9. Electronic Data Interchange


The system allows utilization review staff, medical bill review staff, staff physicians and contract peer reviewers to electronically access all the medical information made available.